No DOMS no results! What is DOMS? and 7 things you could do to reduce it ..

Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness is very common with beginners and even experienced runners, particularly if you are beginning a new programme or changing intensity or length of your training. 

Muscle soreness can be felt for over 48 hours after an activity. As well as soreness you may experience fatigue, weakness and muscle stiffness.

This is completely normal, so no need to rush off to A&E, your muscles are adapting to new exercises and stresses and over time this adaptation will lead to a greater muscle strength and endurance and exactly the same programme will not give you DOMS, and that’s why “progression” is key for improving results. 

Preventing and reducing DOMS:

1- Warm up before run/exercise ( dynamic warm up and NO stretching)

2- Start a new programme gradually 

3- Avoid sudden changes in Distance ( increase your distance by 10/20% every week)

4- Avoid sudden change in Speed ( introduce progressive running in your training)

5- Cool down ( after long run/race don’t just stop, jog for a few minutes and change into a fast walk before stopping)

6- Maintenance stretching is a must to enable muscles to retain their length, just ease the muscles into a stretch for 15 to 30 seconds and relax.

7- Recovery time, this is what a runner doesn’t want to hear, it’s “no running time”. During this time the body adapts to the stimulus placed upon it during training. Foam rolling, compression socks and a sports massage also helps during recovery.

Sorry guys but No pain No gain ! 

So if you don’t feel sore the day after a training run/race you haven’t pushed yourself hard enough, but this doesn’t mean that you have to every time, don’t forget why you started running in the first place, a steady long run should be part of your weekly training where you just run, enjoy it and forget distance/pace etc.. 

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