99 Half Marathons done.. 1 to go !! 

Thursday 8th December

#97 done this morning in 1:47′

Started from Radbrook Community Centre at 9.30

Was raining when I started but only fine rain and sun was out and shining by the time I finished just after 11.

Route wasn’t too challenging but legs were still sore from Sunday’s trail run and yesterday’s intervals training with Marcus.

I got my Juve hat out of retirement for today’s run but I wish I hadn’t because it was too warm.

Ran to Meole Brace, Wenlock Rd, Abbey Foregate, Castlefields and back into town centre, up The Mount, Shelton, Gains Park and back to Radbrook.

On km 15 I got a toot and a shout from Ed Morris and on km 18 a toot from Francesca by the Hospital.

When I finished I noticed that the map of the route I ran was in the shape of a flying Condor or some big bird 😀 

Can’t believe only three are left, under 40 miles to go! 

I’m tempted to run 98 & 99 straight away but I won’t and will have Sunday off and run 98 midweek next week and 99 a week on Sunday 🙂
2047 km done and only 63 km to go

Fundraising is at £1209 and only a little short on £1 per mile target.

Tuesday 13th December

#98 done and dusted in 1:51′ 

The little light at the end of the tunnel has now become a floodlight 😀

I used this run to plot a route for #100

I wanted a short loop, between 4 and 5 km long around town centre, a stone throw away from the Quarry to allow anyone who will run with me on Christmas Eve morning to drop out of the run at anytime if they wish.

 The route will have a few exits all around for anyone to go back to parkrun start.

Started my run today in the rain just after 1.30pm, was only gap I had not only today but all week.

Started from home and ran into Town to the monument by One Stop coffee shop.

This is where I will start number 100. 

Ran to the English bridge and to Coleham and turned into Kingsland Rd and along the other side of the river past the rowing clubs to Frankwell and towards Barker street and into town turned into Market st and Princess st, Belmont and down along Town Walls and into St Julian’s and back to the monument.

Loop was roughly 3 miles long and was tough with more uphills than downhills so after running it twice I decided to run it in reverse and found it a bit easier 🙂

I also worked out that from monument to parkrun start it’s exactly 1km and that could be useful to know as I may have to add bits at the end of the loop.

I’m No toots to mention but saw Owen during my cool down jog towards home.
2068 km done and 42 km 🙂

Next one is on Sunday 

Sunday 18th December 

I can’t believe I’m saying this : #99 is done and one to go !! 🙂

I want to dedicate this run to my Grandma Giuseppina ( Feb 1983) my dad Ruggiero (March 2003) and my auntie Marisa ( Nov 2015) 

They were all tough cookies and wouldn’t have left without a fight, and I would like to think that I’ve inherited from them a few good traits.
After listening to first song on my playlist, always listen to that one first to remind me of why I’m doing this I turned off the music and ran in silence.

Route was a mixture of different routes I used in the past and weather was perfect for running.

Did a short FB live broadcast at the halfway point and again when I completed the run.
Took usual selfies and photos and finished in 1:51′ for the second run in a row.

Came across Julie and my Beagles ( Chester and Evie) on km 1 and saw Brett running in the Quarry, maybe he was flying because I’m sure his feet weren’t touching the floor!! 🙂

Also saw Lee on his bike on km 21 

Last one in Christmas Eve and very nervous and excited at the same time.
Had a lot of donations today and reached and passed my target 🙂

Thank you so much to all the donors and please leave your name or a hint on the message so I know who you are and can thank you personally 

There it is : 1296.9 miles done and only 13.1 miles left 🙂

Time to say my thankyous : 

1. to all who encourage me and wish me good luck, like and share my social media posts
2. to all who sponsored me so far : £1395 plus gift aid raised to date
3. to Gareth Connell from Purity Lifestyle Studio in Wellington for free massage on my calves
4. Joe Williams from UKRunChat for free entry at Shrewsbury Half Marathon and for posting my blog on UkSportsChat website 
5. Up& Running shop in Shrewsbury for big discount on new Running Shoes
6. Susan Bowes for selling her extra M.Drayton 10k and Derby Half entry and donating the money to Cancer Research uk
7. My Family for patience and support and for listening all day to my numbers and stats
8. My brother at La Lanterna restaurant for putting a poster up to raise a bit more 
9. To Joe Brocklehurst for looking after my legs for a discounted rate and also a complimentary treatment 
10. To Sandra ( my mother in law) for helping me raise from family and friends 
11. To Gareth Mapp at Lifestyle Fitness for letting me put up a sponsor form on notice board to raise cash from members and staff and for sponsoring my Adidas Bounce running shoes. 

RRR (beep beep)

Website: http://www.rikfitness.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/100halfmarathons2016/ 
Instagram: @RikRoadRunner
Twitter: @RikRoadRunner
Email: riccardo@rikfitness.co.uk


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