Don’t want to run? 10 health reasons why you should be running …

Don’t want to run? 10 health reasons why you should be running..
Running has countless benefits, listed below are ten important health benefits

1. Calorie burning (feel bloated? Eaten too much the night before? 5k will burn approx. 400cal, 10k 800cal, 12k 1000cal and 21k 1700cal)

2. Weight control/loss (a fast short run and a long steady/slow run a week can help keep your body weight under control)

3. Stress relief & improves mood (When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins that interact with brain receptors and reduce your perception of pain.They also trigger a positive feeling in the body, known as a “runner’s high,” accompanied by a positive outlook on life)

4. Increase in VO2 Max (maximal oxygen uptake. It’s a commonly accepted measure of cardio respiratory fitness, the higher the better we become at endurance activities)

5. Increase in BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate is the rate at which we burn calories at rest and it accounts to 70% of the total calories burnt in a 24 hour period)

6. Hypertrophy of heart muscle (increase in heart size, specially around left ventricle, the chamber that receives oxygenated blood from lungs and distributes it to rest of body)

7. Better sleep patterns (recent studies suggest that regular running and general exercise improves sleep quality and more alertness during the day, and in some cases it helped combat insomnia)

8. Reduce risk of heart disease

9. Lowers elevated blood pressure (regular long duration low intensity runs will help lower diastolic and systolic pressure)

10. Decrease in resting heart rate (regular running will increase cardiovascular fitness, the heart becomes stronger, and doesn’t need to work as hard, it will pump more blood volume per minute and contract less times as a consequence)

I’m So if I told you I know something you could do that will burn a load of calories, help you lose weight, change your bad mood into a good one, make you fitter, help you sleep better, make your heart stronger and help you stay healthy and it’s totally FREE!!! How could you say no to that??
What are you waiting for? Put your trainers on give the NHS a well deserved break 😀

RRR (beep beep)


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