This time it’s personal…

During my lifetime four members of my father’s side of the family have been diagnosed with Cancer, three of them (my dad, nan and recently my auntie) have passed away and my uncle is currently fighting this awful disease.

In 2012 & 2014 I completed challenges for Children Charities and raised over £3000,

“this time it’s personal” and in 2016 I would like to challenge myself to complete 100 times the Half Marathon distance for Cancer Reasearch UK.


Some runs will be in organised races but most will be along local roads.

Friends,family and anybody are welcome to join me during the runs to keep me company for a few miles or the whole distance ( if they can keep up !)

Every run will be completed in under 2 hours and recorded using GPS and details posted on social media: @RikRoadrunner and on my blog page at
My target is to raise £1  for every mile I run to reach £1300 by the end of 2016.

You can donate and sponsor me at

My first run will start on the 1st of January ’16 at Shrewsbury parkrun and I will carry on for the next 10 miles (after getting my barcode scanned)

My 100th run will be on the 31st of December ’16 and will be running the last 3 miles at Shrewsbury parkrun and hopefully completing the challenge by entering the funnel. 😄
In my next blog I will talk about my training and how I’m preparing my body for this challenge.

RRR (beep beep)


Instagram: @RikRoadRunner

Twitter: @rikfitness @RikRoadRunner



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