6 Running Styles, which one are you? Causes and fixes…

 We all have different running styles and that’s ok, we can’t all run like Bolt! 

Unfortunately most styles are forced upon us by weaknesses in our body , specially in the muscles that stabilise our legs.

Any exercises to strengthen these muscles will help improve your running style and make you faster/stronger runner and reduce the chance of getting injured.

If you don’t know which one is your running style, you could look at pictures taken during a running event like parkrun or a race, or you could ask a friend to take a photo from the side while you are running.

1: The Pose style 

Perfect running style, slight lean forward, mid-foot strike, this posture is  maintained throughout the run , effortless, flowing and smooth.

Strong core,gluteus and hamstrings .

2: Anterior pelvic tilt 

Cause: tight hip flexors and reduced range of movement at the hip.

Fix: walking lunges, donkey kickbacks, leg hurdles. Stretching quads and hip flexors.

3: Hip wiggle 

Cause: weak glutes, specially glutes medius and ITB, weak core and hips. A clear indication of this style is if runner has ponytail it would swing from side to side. 

Fix: bridges, side leg raises, hydrants, superman, leg circles, hip dips.

4: Forward pelvic tilt

Cause: weak glutes, hamstring and abs/core. Overtight quads and hip flexors.

Fix: hamstring curls, raised leg bridge, sit-ups, walking lunges. Stretching quads and hip flexors.

5: Excessive forward lean

Cause: weak hamstrings, glutes, spinal muscles.

Fix: hamstring Swiss ball curls, raised leg bridge, ankle weights hamstring curls, squats, superman.

6: Pogo Stick Style

Cause: posture is too upright, energy is released vertically instead of forward, heavy foot landing.

Fix: increase and practice stride length, walking lunges, flexibility exercises, dynamic hamstring stretches, side crunches, crucifix stretch.

For more info on how to perform exercises or any questions on this or any fitness/running topics please feel free to comment or contact me.

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3 thoughts on “6 Running Styles, which one are you? Causes and fixes…

  1. Loved the images as reference! Definitely identified that I’m number 4. Now I know what to do to fix it.



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