My first ever Road Run …

Heyyy Runners !

It’s Friday night or as I prefer to call it  “Parkrun Eve’s” night .

Will be talking soon about Parkrun but tonight I want to talk about how I caught the bug, the “running bug”.

I bet you can all remember your first ever “road run” , what do you mean you don’t !!!  Shame on you !  ๐Ÿ™‚

I must thank my love for technology for convincing me to go for a run. One day in May 2011 I read about this running app called Nike Plus that I could download on my phone. The Graphs looked amazing and it would record Pace, Speed, Distance and even the weather during your run. Then it would automatically upload it to a page on a website for the whole world to see. Wow, it was time to run ๐Ÿ˜€

Bryncrug , Wales – Bank holiday weekend 29th of May 2011 , exactly 4 years ago ! : BBQ , lots of food, beer and maybe some wine.

I decided enough is enough I have to go for a run, I will go in the morning.

Monday 30th of May 2011, 9am armed with my phone and Nike App I went for my first ever Road Run,

it was  it was tough : just over 4k and it took me nearly 29′ !!! (Last saturday at Parkrun it took me 19’12” to run 5k)

I remember looking at my phone afterwards for ages, staring at the numbers, stats, graphs and thinking :

“I can beat that”

This is the precise moment I caught the bug, the urge to improve, the knowledge that you can and will better those numbers.  A PB was born and I had to go back on the road to beat it….

And there it is : my first ever first run, my first ever PB

Time to go, need my sleep, tomorrow is the anniversary of my first run and it’s Parkrun Day

and I have a PB to beat, yes another one..

RRR (beep beep)


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