Running feels like ….

Heyyyy Road Runners ! ( and all other runners too )
When I first started running it felt like I’ve been in a cage all my life and all of a sudden I was freed ..

It felt like I owned the pavements, I would just go out there and improvise the route, didn’t care if it was raining or sunny , dark or light, didn’t know how long I would run for, it was “quality time” with myself, my “problem solving time”, my ” relax the mind” time, my “listen to some music” time, my ” Forrest Gump moment” , I wanted to run all the time!! 

For over a year I kept a running diary, bought it from a local running shop for a fiver, logged every mile, route, weather conditions and how my run felt !!

Running feels like such an easy thing to do, just put some trainers on and go, free yourself and free your mind.

It was a good feeling and felt proud to tell people : ” I’ve been for a run” .

To me Running feels like … flying would feel to a bird.

All this sounds familiar? Or is it just me? Please feel free to comment below and let me know 🙂

RRR (beep beep)


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