A steady one… Two slow ones… A fast one: PB & 1st place !!

Wednesday 3rd August 

#61 done this morning, 39 to go and now the number of remaining runs is in the thirties πŸ™‚

Can’t believe seven months have gone by already!!

Took it easy today, route was very random, many laps around town centre and in the Quarry.

On Km 11 I saw Jenny and Stephanie by the playground in the Quarry and as I stopped on km 21 I saw Neil and Lauren and had a little chat.

Took usual selfies and photos in Town, felt like a tourist πŸ˜€ ( a running tourist!)

Got home, a quick shower and a bite to eat and by 2 pm I was out running again training Rob, 3 miles intervals.

I will need extra stretching today πŸ˜€
Next run is parkrun on Saturday and #62 will be on Sunday morning.

If anyone wants to run with me just message me and will let you know time and place for Sunday’s run.

Sunday 7th August 

#62 done and dusted. 

A big thank you to a few Shufflers who let me tag along on their 13 mile run this morning πŸ™‚

Ian Ford organised it and Ian Richards planned the route.

Darren Churm and Juan Reyes were the other two who kept me company.

We met at The Boathouse at 9am, was windy to start with and got very warm.

We ran to Bicton and towards Montford Bridge and turned back to Copthorne and back into town.

During my warm up before we met up I saw Matthew Walley running in the Quarry.

On km 2 saw Kim Burton running down the Mount and a bit later also Paul Williams.

And on my cool down in the Quarry I saw Rick Garcia.

At 1:57′ it’s my slowest one so far, my running partners were plodding along, I didn’t mind at all, but with 3 miles to go I had to break away from the group and almost sprint to make sure I completed the run under 2 hours otherwise the run would have been void.

Took some selfies and photos, will post them later.

Finished back at The Boathouse and waited for them to finish the run.

I really enjoyed it, was nice to run with other runners and not to have to worry about the route πŸ™‚

1308 km done, 802 remaining.

Thursday 11th August 

Another one done, #63 and 1:49′ sounds like a slow and boring run, but I can assure you it wasn’t.

I was supposed to run yesterday but legs were still sore from a workout I did on monday so I postponed it to today.

I promised I’d run with Juanda, a friend from Chile that is in Shrewsbury visiting family and friends and arranged to meet him in Oakfield Rd where he’s staying, but I was going to run at least 10k before I got there and he was going to run with me for the remainder of the run.

I started slowly, took my time, stopped for usual selfies and photos, didn’t want to tire too soon because Juanda is a fast runner.

Got a toot on Km 2 from Ali Tudor.

After a few random laps around town centre and Kingsland I ended up running up Longden Rd.

That’s where I saw Ed Morris riding his bike, he waved and asked how far I was running.

 I was then on km 6, he told me he lived nearby and to wait till he changed his trainers and he would keep me company for a few miles. So I did and while I was waiting I chatted to Helen Evason about my challenge.

Ed is a fast runner so my plan to have a relaxing run till I met up with Juanda went up in smoke πŸ™‚

We ran to the water tower and back, around 6 km, and I stopped to join Juanda and took a selfie with Ed before he went off.

We ran in Radbrook, Mousecroft, Hereford Rd and Abbey Forgate, crossed Castle Walk and along the River past the weir a few 10/12 year old kids started running with us, trying to catch us and one was swinging a fishing net, and as I looked behind to see where he was I went flying forward, fell on the tarmac, scraped my knee, elbow and hand.

Not blaming the kids, they weren’t malicious, they were just having a bit of harmless fun.

My knee looked bad, I got up, a bit embarrassed, Juanda was laughing his head off, and carried on, only one km was left to finish run. 

No big damage done, my shoulder hurts the most but it won’t stop me from running πŸ™‚

Next one is on Sunday, at Sundorne sports Village, it’s The Rocky Horror Show Tribute Half, 21 laps of the cycle track and a few people will be dressed up πŸ˜€

It’s a 10.30 start if anyone wants to come and watch.

1330 km done and 780 to go ( easy peasy)

Sunday 14th August 

#64 completed this morning.

I had doubts about my knee after my fall on thursday.

Went for a short jog yesterday to test it and it felt ok but not brilliant, good enough for a steady pace race.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show tribute Half is organised by How Hard Can It Be Events & COD RC and takes place on the 1 Km cycle track at Sundorne Sports Centre 

Three races run simultaneously: 10k, Half and Full Marathon and is limited to 100 entries.

Medals are amazing and is very well run and it’s well supported.

After a ten minute warm up my knee felt fine so I changed my mind and decided to go for it and give it 100% for the first laps and see how I felt afterwards.

Was good to see so many familiar faces, specially The Shropshire Shufflers, so many were so brave to dress up like the characters from the show πŸ™‚

Having done a half a few weeks back that involved running 35 laps of a field, it didn’t feel a daunting task to run 21 laps of a track, waving and smiling at friends and always being alongside someone, getting encouraging comments and thumbs up all throughout the race.

Felt good from the start and managed to run every mile under seven minutes up to the10k mark and low seven minutes for the second half of the race and a sprint finish at the end πŸ™‚

I knew I beat my PB as I crossed the finish line, my watch showed 1:30 00″ and deep down was a little disappointed not to have finished sub 1.30, but that only lasted very little 

I asked organisers what my time was and they confirmed it at 1:30′ 02″

I later on found out that I finished in 1st position and was surprised and happy πŸ˜€

had no idea of my position because I was lapping runners and being overlapped but we were all running different distances.

Really enjoyed it today and would definitely run a similar event again.

1350 km ran to date and 760 to go and next one will be midweek. 

Time to say my thankyous : 

1. to all who encourage me and wish me good luck, like and share my social media posts
2. to all who sponsored me so far : Β£798 plus gift aid raised so far 
3. to Gareth Connell from Purity Lifestyle Studio in Wellington for free massage on my calves
4. Joe Williams from UKRunChat for free entry at Shrewsbury Half Marathon and for posting my blog on UkSportsChat website 
5. Up& Running shop in Shrewsbury for big discount on new Running Shoes
6. Susan Bowes for selling her extra M.Drayton 10k and Derby Half entry and donating the money to Cancer Research uk
7. My Family for patience and support and for listening all day to my numbers and stats
8. My brother at La Lanterna restaurant for putting a poster up to raise a bit more 
9. To Joe Brocklehurst for looking after my legs for a discounted rate and also a complimentary treatment 
10. To Sandra ( my mother in law) for helping me raise from family and friends 
11. To Gareth Mapp at Lifestyle Fitness for letting me put up a sponsor form on notice board to raise cash from members and staff

RRR (beep beep)

Website: http://www.rikfitness.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/100halfmarathons2016/
Instagram: @RikRoadRunner
Twitter: @RikRoadRunner
Email: riccardo@rikfitness.co.uk


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