#14 The Night Run …

After Sunday’s race I thought I would give myself an extra day rest, a 13 miler at 6′.50″/ mile pace is a good reason for extra recovery.

Originally I planned to run #14 on Wednesday morning, but I gladly postponed it because of work commitments and decided to move it to Thursday around midday.

Then later on I received a txt asking to help out on Thursday at the gym.

Panic started to set in, was trying to find a two and half hour slot in my diary to go for my run, and realised that only time would be around 8.30 at night.

I have only ran once a Half Marathon at night, two years ago and I remember struggling to keep a decent pace and also any distance that I’ve ran in the evening have not been memorable ones.

But with the thought that “it’s got to be done!” I left the house at 8.30 pm, feeling sluggish and still full from my pasta Arrabbiata I ate an hour earlier.

The original route was discarded and I decided to run a lap of just over 1 mile around the estate where I live, and repeat it until I reached 13.1 miles, and it worked out at just over 11 laps. This way if I didn’t feel right I wouldn’t have long to go back home!

I did complete it but was the toughest so far, at 1:41′ 42″  was over  11 minutes slower than my Wrexham race last Sunday !!!!

Time doesn’t matter in my challenge, as long as my run was completed in under 2 hours.

Considering I was tired after a long day’s work, full from my dinner earlier, add a monotonous and daunting course with a slight climb that felt like Mount Everest by the 7th time, then I must say it was a good result ! 🙂

Next run is on Monday and my challenge will be 15% complete, just have one more milestone to reach first on Saturday: my 100th parkrun 🙂

86 runs (1127 miles) to go !



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Time to say my thankyous :

1. to all who encourage me and wish me good luck, like and share my social media posts

2. to all who sponsored me so far : over £400 so far!

3. to Gareth from Purity Lifestyle Studio in Wellington for free massage on my calves

4. Joe Williams from UKRunChat for free entry at Shrewsbury Half Marathon

5. Up& Running shop in Shrewsbury for big discount on new Running Shoes

6. Susan Bowes for selling her extra M.Drayton 10k entry and donating the money to Cancer Research uk

7. My Family for patience and support and for listening all day to my numbers and stats 😀

8. My brother at La Lanterna restaurant for putting a poster up to raise a bit more

RRR (beep beep)

Website: http://www.rikfitness.co.uk

Instagram: @RikRoadRunner

Twitter: @rikfitness @RikRoadRunner

Email: riccardo@rikfitness.co.uk


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