How do you train for 100 Half Marathons? 4 key points to follow…

How do you train for 100 Half Marathons? 4 key points to follow…

I asked myself this question a couple of months ago when I thought about next year’s charity challenge. 
There are no plans or rules out there for anyone who is planning such a challenge.

If you are an experienced runner and have run the distance regularly in the last couple of years then you have a good strong foundation to tackle the event.
I looked at training plans of elite runners and found out that 80% of their training run is at slow pace, 10% is at moderate pace and 10% at race pace. 

Because my challenge does not involve any race pace (only condition is that all runs are sub 2hrs) and I’m not planning on breaking records or getting PBs, my main priority is endurance over a long timeframe, so the key is strength training and recovery. 
So I came up with this weekly plan and have to hope it works:

* Day 1 : Sunday – 13.1miles ( 1st Half Marathon of the week)

* Day 2 : Monday – Recovery ( plenty of stretching)

* Day 3 : Tuesday – Runners specific strength training exercises ( focussed on core, hamstrings & glutes)

* Day 4 : Wednesday – Moderate pace run 3 miles (5k)

* Day 5 : Thursday – 13.1 miles (2nd half of the week)

* Day 6 : Friday – Recovery ( plenty of stretching / sport massage)

* Day 7 : Saturday – 3 miles moderate pace run ( parkrun is perfect )

Repeat 50 times !!! 😀

Two weeks ago I tested this plan and managed to complete the distance four times in twelve days and I was progressively faster, finishing my first one at 1h 42′ and my fourth one at 1h 37′.

It took me at first 4 days to completely recover and after third one only two days! 

I was feeling stronger and running better by the fourth one.

So if I keep a steady pace throughout the challenge and stick to my weekly plan I should be able to complete it and finish in one piece 🙂 
The four things that will help me complete my challenge are:

– Strength Training 

– Stretching 

– Recovery 

– Hydration 

For any questions or comments on running or strength training exercises please contact me. 

RRR (beep beep)

Instagram: @RikRoadRunner

Twitter: @rikfitness @RikRoadRunner



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