#21 : Ironbridge Half Marathon 

Official time is 1:33’12” and finished 53rd out of 900 runners 😃 Tough race today but felt easier than previous years, weather was amazing and I was determined to beat last year’s time of 1:37’00”.

I thought that running a parkrun at 19’30” yesterday might affect today’s performance but it didn’t.

Was nice seeing so many familiar faces, The Shropshire Shufflers Susan, Ian, Angela, Helen, Clare, Jo .

Also Connor, Dan, Simon, Claire and Scott.

The start of the race was delayed by 15 minutes because traffic was bad getting into Telford, there was a motor show near by.

I started too fast, it was insane pace for me, was trying to keep up with Scott.

I actually ran my fastest 10k ever, under 41′ !!

I caught up with Scott just before Ironbridge and we crossed it side by side 😃

Then mile 8 came along and there was the “Hill from Hell”

I felt I was a bit better than last year and once I was over it I felt strong again until we hit the Mud Bog, and that was more stressful than the hill, I remember asking Scott as he ran past me which did he think was worse and he agreed with me 😃

With my shoes full of mud I slowed down and kept a comfortable pace that would take me to the finish line, which by the way is at the top of a nasty climb! Apparently it’s the Telford parkrun finish too, how cruel is that?
21 done, 79 to go ( 275 miles done and 1035 to go) it’s good to see the number of the remaining runs in the seventies now 😃

Next one will be on Thursday, have lots of stretching to do and a strength training session too to fit in before then.

To sponsor me and to donate to Cancer Research Uk please visit http://www.justgiving.com/Rik-RoadRunner

Time to say my thankyous :

1. to all who encourage me and wish me good luck, like and share my social media posts

2. to all who sponsored me so far : over £500 including Gift Aid

3. to Gareth from Purity Lifestyle Studio in Wellington for free massage on my calves and hamstrings

4. Joe Williams from UKRunChat for free entry at Shrewsbury Half Marathon

5. Up& Running shop in Shrewsbury for big discount on new Running Shoes

6. Susan Bowes for selling her extra M.Drayton 10k entry and donating the money to Cancer Research uk

7. My Family for patience and support and for listening all day to my numbers and stats 😀

8. My brother at La Lanterna restaurant for putting a poster up to raise a bit more

RRR (beep beep)

Website: http://www.rikfitness.co.uk

Instagram: @RikRoadRunner

Twitter: @rikfitness @RikRoadRunner

Email: riccardo@rikfitness.co.uk


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