Beach running, what a workout!

Platanes, Crete 8am, sun already blaring!! Don’t know how hot it is but all I know is it’s now or it’s another day without running, and I have this need to run. Temperatures will reach 28c later on.  Armed with my Garmin and iPhone for music and Strava I jog to the beach which is 500m from apartment. So far so good, only been running on dirt track so far and the fun begins when I get on the sand!  After a few meters I realise this is no ordinary run.  With every stride my foot is sinking deep into the sand and my muscles are engaging and firing like never before, this is hard work! I look at my Garmin and it reads: second km in 5’46”, I’m almost embarrassed !!  My head says this can’t be right I’ve ran as fast as I possible can in a non race run. Maybe the satellite signal is wrong or weak or something, I will check Strava on my phone and it will show just under 5’/km and it will be ok. Incredible! Same reading on Strava app, by now I’ve completed 3rd km and pace is similar and my legs are killing me! Now I’m running closer to edge of water where sand is a bit firmer and I’m  sprinting to gain a few seconds and finish 5km in a respectable time, 4’59″/km on my fourth K, but by now I can’t feel my legs and I slow down back to snail pace.  27′ 30″ for 5km!  I regularly complete Parkrun in under 20′.  I feel exhausted, completely soaked in sweat and my thighs and calves feel like they’re made of stone!  I have to delete this run later my brain says , nobody is allowed to know about it , but I’ve never deleted a run before posting it on Strava, Garmin Connect or Nike Plus, and not going to let that happen now! I will make sure people know it wasn’t an ordinary run!    Running on sand , wow what a workout!  that’s all I can say , highly recommended if you’re on holiday and want to stay fit or burn the excess food and alcohol you’re consuming 😀 RRR (beep beep)


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